Embroidery with metallic thread

Embroidery with metallic thread

Have you ever felt exhausted with the following situations when you applying metallic thread to your project? Fraying,looping,tension problems and continual thread breaks of metallic thread often lead to a sudden stop in your embroidery process. However, from the other side, the truth is that their shining colors are so attractive so that they can really do a good job in adding highlights to your projects. That’s why many embroidery lover are still enthusiastic about using metallic thread on their designs. How can we avoid those problems or what can we do when we meet such a bad situation? Here are some tips for you~

According to the previous experience, there are mainly three areas where metallic thread can get snagged up.

1. At the spool (or cone)
2. Inside your machine
3. At the needle

Let’s see the first area. just take a look at the first picture. When you see this happening during embroidery, your thread will twist with each stitch, then you may come across thread breakage. Don’t worry, just keep in mind spools of thread that are stack wound should always unwind off the side if the spool while cones of thread unwind over the top.

Tips: Trying to finish your work with a vertical spool pin or otherwise under the help of a superior thread holder.

The second area, when thread get snagged up inside your machine,you’d better decrease the upper thread tension. Due to the features of metallic thread, that is,strands of thin metal foil are delicately adhered to a film and wrapped around a strong nylon core,you need to create a frustration-free stitching environment, so a loose top tension is required.

Tips: Loosening your top tension down to 1.0.

For the last area, during embroidery, metallic thread is moving back and forth fast through the eye of your needle, so their surface will also rubbed against the needle during this process. Under such a situation, it is necessary to apply a needle with a larger eye.

Tips: Using large eye needle like SCHMETZ Topstitch 90/14 and Organ HAX1 SP 90/14 to reduce friction.

Actually, for metallic thread, there is a variety of colors for you to choose in addition to silver and gold, and you can create your projects which has a glorious shimmer through managing those colors dexterously! We add examples here:

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