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New brothread

New brothread Stackable Clear Storage Box/Organizer for Holding Thread Spools Home Embroidery & Sewing Thread and Other Embroidery Sewing Crafts (Spool Size Requirement: H≤2.2"; W≤1.69")

New brothread Stackable Clear Storage Box/Organizer for Holding Thread Spools Home Embroidery & Sewing Thread and Other Embroidery Sewing Crafts (Spool Size Requirement: H≤2.2"; W≤1.69")

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★ Clear Storage Box store Thread Spools : NOTE: Spools from brands: ISACORD,GLIDE,MADEIRA,FLORIANI can’t fit into this box.】It organizes your thread spools assorted all in one place & keep away from dust. The portable handle and compact design allow you to take the box with thread and other sewing items for sewing class and small business, making it a preferred choice for embroidery and sewing enthusiasts.

★ Multi type of Spools to Store:The plastic storage box not only store New brothread 500m & 1000m embroidery thread, but also store lots of mini spools from different brands. A special small storage space on top of the lid can store other small items such as needles, scissors, mark pens, bobbins etc.【NOTE:They are NOT suitable for commercial, industrial or jumbo size spool! The spool height should be≤5.6cm/2.2"; the spool width should be≤4.3cm/1.69". See 2nd photo for Size Adaptation Reference!!】

★ Stackable & Lockable Each Layer: Each layer can be stacked and locked with each other firmly. There are 20 plastic pins in each layer to hold each spool upwards, which can prevent the thread spools from falling down. The box is made by PP material with super transparency so that you can look for needed colors from outside.

★ Sturdy and High Quality: We did a lot of anti-fall tests and made some improvements on the box and its lockable design to ensure that the plastic storage box will not easily get broken or parted during transportation. With this organizer, you can conveniently carry your sewing and embroidery threads to do customized projects or have sewing classes outside.

★★ New brothread Stackable Clear Storage Box always think what you think, do what you do, love what you love. ▶▶【MAKE SURE BUYING THROUGH "New brothread" (Sold by) for original WARRANTY!!!】


New brothread not only makes great embroidery supplies and sewing supplies, but also is a professional manufacturer producing plastic moulding more than 15 years. NOW New brothread makes premium clear plastic storage box to store and carry different embroidery/sewing/quilting threads and other small sewing/embroidery/quilting items.

After selling for a period of time, we got feedback from some buyers that this box could not fit some spools from following brands: Isacord, Glide, Madeira, ... In the future, we will continue to update more about which brands of spools cannot be packed in this box.

Note: Before purchasing, please measure the heigth and width of your threads spools, then check the following pictures to confirm if your thread spools could be packed in the box or not.

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Download color card

New brothread 40 Brother Colors

New brothread 63 Brother Colors

New brothread 80 Janome Colors

New brothread Metallic Colors

New brothread Variegated Colors

Tips: We have two color assortments. One is from Brother color assortment, the other is from Janome color assortment. They have different color shade even they can convert with each other using conversion chart. The color with N is from Janome color assortmet, the color without N is from Brother color assortment.

Brother color assortment:

New brothread 40/63 Brother Colors 500M

New brothread 42/64 Brother Colors 500M

New brothread 40/60 Brother Colors 500M with Box

New brothread 40/60 Brother Colors 500M with Box

New brothread 50 Spools 500M

Janome color assortment: 

New brothread 80/30 Janome Colors 500M

New brothread 80/32 Janome Colors 1000M

If you need conversion chart for Janome Color and Brother Color, Please feel free to contact us by email, we will send to you ASAP.

How to choose embroidery stabilizers

Which embroidery machine hoop fit into my machine

New brothread Embroidery Machine Hoop 3 in 1 Set (SA431+SA432+SA434)

Brother Innovis 990D/955/950D/900D/500D/97E/95E/90E

Brother Innovis NS1750D/NV180/M280D/M240ED/M230E

Brother LB7000/7000BNDL/7000PRW/6800/6800PRW/6800THRD/6770/6770PRW/5000/Brother LB6950

Brother SE625/600/425/400/350/270D/SE 630

Brother PE550D/540D/535/525/500/400D/300S

Brother SB7500/7050E HE240/120/1

Baby Lock Verve/Sofia 2


New brothread Embroidery Machine Hoop 4 in 1 Set (SA442+SA443+SA444+SA445)

Brother PE810L/800/780D/770/750D/700/700II

Brother Innovis NS2750D/NS1150E/1250D/1200/1000/780D/750E/700Ell/700E/innovis F480

Brother SE1900/1800

Baby Lock Accord/Emore/Ellure Plus


New brothread Embroidery Machine Hoop 4 in 1 Set (SA437+SA438+SA439+SA441)

Brother Innovis VE2300/VE2200/VM6200D/5200/5100

Brother Innovis 6750D/6700D/6000D/5000/4750D/4500D/4000D/4000/2800D/2500D/1500D/1500

Brother Innovis NQ3600D/3500D/1600E/1400E/NQ1700

Brother Innovis NV2650D/NV2600/NV870SE/NV800E/Brother Innovis NV2700

Brother Innovis XP2/1 XV/8550D/8500D

Brother Innovis BP3500D/2100/1400E

Brother Innovis Ie/I/V7/V5/V5LE/V3

Baby Lock Aerial/Aventura/Aventura II/Altair/Destiny/Destiny II

Baby Lock Ellageo Plus/Ellegante/Ellegante II/Ellegante 3/Ellisimo/Ellisimo Gold/Esante

Baby Lock Flare/Flourish/Flourish II

Baby Lock Journey/Meridian/Pathfinder/Solaris/Solaris 2/Spirit

Baby Lock Unity/Vesta

Know better about bobbins

Difference Between Size A bobbins and Size L bobbins

The only difference between Size A bobbins and Size L bobbins is the height.

The height of Size A bobbins is 11.4mm/0.448";The height of Size L bobbins is 8.9mm/0.315". Both bobbins have the same diameter, but size A bobbin is a little taller than size L bobbin.

Size A is used by most sewing machines. If your machine makes regular sewing and also you can do computerized embroidery is very portable that your machine use this type of bobbin.

Size L is the most common embroidery bobbin for commercial and home based embroidery machine.

If you don't know which bobbin your machine needs, please feel free to check with us!