Affiliate Program

New brothread are planning to supply all the Embroidery & Quilting & Sewing Supplies as much as possible, which can fulfill our clients in Maximum to purchase all these Embroidery & Quilting & Sewing Supplies from New brothread One-Stop Service. Our mission is to supply our Embroidery & Quilting & Sewing Supplies in Incredible Value and Wonderful Customer Experience.
Our loyal and dedicated online community is a big part of our success. Now we invite you to join us with our Affiliate Program!

About the Affiliate Program

Are you a sewist that loves to blog and share your passion for embroidery or sewing through social media? Upon approval, our Affiliate Program allows participants to earn commissions on sales referred to New brothread using specially tracked links. We provide you with custom links and banners that you can post on your website or blog. When a visitor youā€™ve referred to us makes a purchase on New brothread you'll earn 10% of the sale. Signing up for our program is completely free through our affiliate host ShareASale and you'll be welcome to choose whichever product you would like to feature - for example, if you are embroiderying a project using 40 colors thread set, you can use the special link to the 40 colors thread set page to earn a commission! Contact us and tell us your thoughs:Ā