How to do Applique?

How to do Applique?

Applique embroidery is a form of embroidery where pieces of fabric are sewn on to another piece of fabric. It's a method used in the garment decoration industry and can be a very beneficial addition to your embroidery business!

By using a unique applique process, the stitches can be drastically decreased by replacing stitches with fabric. Not only will this save costs & production time, it will also allow infinite variations of each design created.

Now we are going to teach you how to do applique embroidery!!! Follow the steps and message us by the email if you still have questions.

How to do applique on Smartstitch commercial machine.

  1. Preshrink the fabric for applique or you can purchase pre-made applique fabrics
  2. We suggest you use double-sided, heat sensitive stabilizer to the back of the fabric for applique which helps bind the fibers and prevents fraying and shrinkage
  3. Upload your applique design into the commercial machine and embroidery the outline
  4. Remove the applique fabric from the embroidery frame and carefully cut along the embroidered cut line
  5. Prepare the base fabric and choose an ideal embroidery stabilizer , remember TearAway for durable fabrics, denims and weaves; CutAway for more stretch fabrics like T-shirts and fleece.  
  6. Re-embroider the outline and remember to set the offset point so that you can place the applique after the outline is finished.
  7. Set the pre-cut applique fabricin the outline with an applique iron or using spray adhesive. Make sure the applique will not move during embroidery
  8. Restart your commercial embroidery machine and finish the embroidery
  9. Remove the base fabricfrom the machine. Press the design with your heat press or hand iron. This will complete the adhesion of the applique to the

The applique is finished.

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