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  • Excellent Colorfastness and Fade Resistance

    Discover the ultimate embroidery thread that guarantees exceptional colorfastness and resists fading like no other. Our embroidery thread is carefully crafted using cutting-edge dyeing techniques and premium-grade materials, ensuring that the colors remain vibrant and true even after numerous washes and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

  • Knot-Free and Unbreakable Embroidery Thread

    Experience the joy of seamless stitching with our revolutionary embroidery thread, meticulously designed to eliminate those frustrating knots and tangles. Say goodbye to time-wasting interruptions and hello to a smooth embroidery journey with our thread's key.

  • Beautiful Colours and Excellent Quality

    Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of breathtaking hues. Our embroidery threads are thoughtfully curated in a vast array of stunning colors, from vibrant and bold to soft and subtle.
    Crafted with precision and dedication, our threads exemplify the pinnacle of quality. Each thread is meticulously manufactured using premium materials, ensuring unrivaled durability and resilience.

  • The 80 spool collection is beautiful. Many shades in each color family and all of the neutrals. I absolutely love how beautiful my projects turn out with these beautiful threads! This embroidery thread works perfectly in my machine. Quality thread at a great price.

  • This is my second purchase of this brand. I also bought the serger thread, which is excellent. I don't know who makes Brothread but they make a quality product. The price is right. I just bought an embroidery machine and this works beautifully. Tears away smoothly. I've have also used it to reinforce darning.

  • I have used Newbrothread for my prewound white bobbins since starting my embroidery journey but with doing things like these keychains I knew I wanted to get colored prewound bobbins.The colors are brilliant and the quality exceptional! Not one tension issue nor any breakage!! Always my go-to brand, will continue to be my go-to brand!

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How to get the free shipping?

Purchase over 10 spools of 1000M embroidery thread to America, you will enjoy free shipping.
Purchase over 10 spools of 5000M embroidery thread to America, you will enjoy free shipping.
Note: Need purchase 10 spools of same size spools will enjoy the free shipping!!!

How to track your order? 

1. In the Support section of our menu bar, click the "Track your order".
2. Then input tracking number or order number and email.

How to get the color conversion chart between Brother and Janome?

New brothread’s machine embroidery thread color cards make it easy to select the right color and thread type for your next embroidery job! 

If you need conversion chart or color chart, please tell us you need which one directly and then contact New brothread e-mail.
E-mail address: sales@embsewsupplies.com

How to choose the bobbin type for your machine?

Difference Between Size A bobbins and Size L bobbins

The only difference between Size A bobbins and Size L bobbins is the height.

The height of Size A bobbins is 11.4mm/0.448";The height of Size L bobbins is 8.9mm/0.315". Both bobbins have the same diameter, but size A bobbin is a little taller than size L bobbin.

Size A is used by most sewing machines. If your machine makes regular sewing and also you can do computerized embroidery is very portable that your machine use this type of bobbin.

Machine like Brother Innovis and 400D, Babylock Ellegante and Janome use this type of bobbin.

Size L is the most common embroidery bobbin for commercial and home based embroidery machine.

Choose the bobbin thread for your machine!!!


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