About Us


New brothread Motto: Embroider & Quilt Your Life

New brothread is a very professional Manufacturer and Supplier for all machine and hand Embroidery & Quilting & Sewing Supplies Since 1988.

We owned TOP high quality machines including Twisting machines with Italian technology and Winding machines with Germany technology to supply our Embroidery & Quilting & Sewing Threads in high quality.

We are planning to supply all the Embroidery & Quilting & Sewing Supplies as much as possible, which can fulfill our clients in Maximum to purchase all these Embroidery & Quilting & Sewing Supplies from New brothread One-Stop Service.

Our mission is to supply our Embroidery & Quilting & Sewing Supplies in Incredible Value and Wonderful Customer Experience.

New brothread always think what you think, do what you do, love what you love!