How to make Free-Standing Lace (FSL)designs?

How to make Free-Standing Lace (FSL)designs?

What is FSL?

Free-Standing Lace means embroidery design made of only thread,

it is a kind of unique and easy-to-make embroidery project for every embroidery lovers. The main feature of the making process is that the designs are stitched directly onto stabilizer, after removing stabilizer, only thread can be left in this kind of project.

How to make?

To make FSL designs, first, just as I mentioned above, make sure to stitch only on stabilizer.Then, in order to keep their shapes, projects of this kind usually require a higher stitch density and extra layer of underlay stitches.Moreover, keep in mind large empty spaces are also forbidden, otherwise threads will unravel without stabilizer.

What’s the supplies needed in this process?

  1. If possible, a hoop which is small enough.
  2. Since finer needles leave smaller holes, which may make it difficult to tear the designs form the stabilizer, try your best to use needles which are relatively thick, for example, 75/11 embroidery needle.
  3. Wash-away or water-soluble stabilizer
  4. Rayon or polyester 40wt embroidery thread
  5. Scissors

*About the stabilizer: Thin sulky solvy topping is not recommended since it cannot hold up to the dense stitching of FSL designs.

Some tips:

  1. Hoop two layers of wash-away or water-soluble stabilizer, and for the purpose of hooping them tightly, select a hoop as small as possible.
  2. Although white bobbin thread is allowable, it is suggested to choose bobbin colors which can match the colors of the upper thread.
  3. Threads are more likely to break under the condition of dense designs with significant overlapping. If there are thread breaking, decrease the max stitching speed on your machine.
  4. After the embroidery process is finished, use scissors to trim the stabilizer very close to the edge of the design and cut any easily accessible jump stitches or threads.
  5. After washing the stabilizer away, make sure the design is laid flat.

FSL Jewelry and Other Applications

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